Financial Planning

Why Financial Planning?

Simply put, financial planning is the process of identifying and defining your financial goals, prioritizing them and achieving these goals with a clear, focused and a customized game plan. Financial Planning can help you achieve both greater wealth and financial security, while inadequate or improper planning can be disastrous. Financial Planning is an ongoing and continuous activity involving investment management, cash flow planning, retirement planning, insurance planning, tax planning and estate planning.

Financial planning is all about preplanning.
The only thing certain in life is uncertainty.
When you have a mild fever, you will most likely self prescribe a medicine. When it persists you may ask the local pharmacist to prescribe something stronger. But if it continues and other complications start arising you will go to a doctor. Maybe if you had gone to the doctor in the first place, instead of being unwell for 10 days you might have gotten better in 5. Seeking the advice and services of a Financial Planner and a certified one at that is just the same.
But people still seek advice from the pharmacist equivalent broker, or a friend or a colleague for their hard earned money which may prove disastrous.
Most young professionals today do not plan their finances – some because of a lack of awareness about its benefits, others because of their belief that they do not require it at the initial stage of their careers and some others because it may be expensive for them now.
The sooner you start investing, the more time your money will have to grow – pure and simple “compounding” or the “snowball effect” on your money.

How can a Financial Advisor help you?
He plans after considering your long-term and your short-term goals.
He recommends products that suit your needs and forces you to invest money rather than spending it on weekend shopping.
He pushes you for that much needed insurance cover that you have been procrastinating for so long.
He does not sell every product that is available in the market and at times even discourages you to buy a product, which seems attractive to you because it does not suit your appetite or portfolio.
You will see the benefit of his advice on your portfolio and also on your understanding of your finances and needs

Basic Services provided to clients under our investment advisory services are as follows:
Recommendations of entry & exit based on detailed research and analysis of the market, economy and individual funds, schemes.
Periodic review and restructuring of portfolio in response to client needs and market dynamics.
Recommendations on insurance policies best suited to client requirements and needs.
Monitoring of Unit Linked Insurance Policies with monthly updates and recommendations of top-ups and fund switches.
Operational assistance and execution in terms of insurance policies – premium reminders, pick-up of cheques.
A Relationship Manager, who will be the contact point for all queries, transactions and any kind of assistance.

Our Pre Investment Support will help you in following ways:
PAN Cards – Pan card is mandatory for investing in Mutual Funds. We assist you in applying for the Permanent Account Number or even modifying details in your existing PAN.
KYC Compliance: All assistance in complying with Know Your Customer norms which is mandatory for investing in Mutual Funds.
Mutual Fund Investment Advice – Across 28 fund houses, backed by sound research; thereby giving you quality advice ensuring better returns.
Insurance Advisory – Across 7 of the top companies, covering more than 80% of the current market. The right type of policy chosen to meet your needs.

Post- Investment Support:
Operational Support -Filling application forms, ensuring execution, Change of Bank etc.
Email and Phone Support – For any query on your Investments.
Online Investment Monitoring – Anytime-Anywhere.
Filing Income Tax returns – The BIG year end worry, now handled by experts.


Basics of Financial Planning

Financial planning is one of the things that not many people think about. However, financial planning is important to do because it can make your life easier.

While you cannot predict the future, you can certainly be better prepared for it.
A written financial plan is designed to make sure that you are financially prepared to deal with whatever happens in your life. And this is not just dealing with the unexpected events, but basic things like buying a car or taking a home loan, funding your children’s education or marriage, or taking care of your loved ones.

Regular financial planning can help give you peace of mind

If you have dreams, you need a financial planner!

Planning for a secure financial future is not easy.
Financial Planner can help you in many ways.
Maybe you’re saving to buy your first home.
Perhaps starting your own business is a dream.
The costs of a college education have spiraled and you may wonder how you will pay for your child’s education.
You will probably live longer. Additional years after retirement can cost more than originally planned.
Your company pension plan and Social Security may not be enough to maintain your standard of living after retirement.
Complex financial marketplace and changing tax laws make it difficult to understand your financial picture.

Everyone needs to plan for tomorrow. At every income level, there are steps you can take to make more efficient use of your assets and to ensure a secure financial future. It makes sense to develop well-defined goals and to map out appropriate strategies to turn your dreams into reality. Financial Planner helps in fulfilling your dreams.

A plan makes things happen.
Wedding Planner
Planning a successful wedding requires careful planning and execution. A wedding planner can help the busy bride with essential details of the wedding planning process. A wedding, like any other project, requires careful planning where budgetary constraints have to be followed and deadlines must be met.

Education Planner
The increasing cost of education is a constant source of anxiety. Thus to plan your child’s education check out this ‘education planner’ which will give you an insight on how much you need to save today, to provide for your child’s education at a future date.

Goal Planner
A goal without a plan remains just a goal – many people have visions, intentions, ideas, dreams which never happen, because they are not planned.
Goal planning can be especially helpful in advancing your career and job hunting, or staring your own business, or becoming self-employed or freelance.

Property Planner
Buying a home is probably one of the single biggest investments a person makes in his lifetime. The sooner one makes the decision, the better. After all, a home is an asset, which tends to appreciate in value steadily over a period of time. When you get serious about investments, it is worth getting an expert to give objective advice.

Retirement Planner
A retirement plan is an assurance that you will continue to earn a satisfying income and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, even when you are no longer working. The Retirement Planner will help you understand how much you need to grow your wealth before you retire and how to plan for it.