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Give the Gift of Life This Diwali

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Happy Diwali to you and your loved ones!

SMFS recently crossed a milestone of 200 Crores in Assets under Management! 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your eternal support and trust placed in us. Your faith in us has enabled us to cross this big milestone! Thank you for being part of the SMFS Family.

To memorialize this occasion, we took a pledge to increase our CSR efforts and improve financial literacy for all Indians.

We kick-started this drive on Sunday, 16th October, 2022 with the help of OM Foundation.

SMFS conducted a Financial Literacy Workshop at OM Foundation India for the parents of their students.

Our founder and Director, Mr. Sanjay Mehta spoke to the parents about the importance of Insurance, Investment and being financially prepared for the future. He also covered the various benefits that the Government provides through many schemes that very few people know about.



We are thankful to OM Foundation for helping us conduct such an event and we look forward to having many more such sessions soon. Stay tuned for more from this and future sessions!

OM Foundation is a Noida-based public charitable trust founded in 2002. The Foundation was set up with a vision of making a tangible impact in the lives of the economically and socially disadvantaged. Working towards this vision, the Foundation has since created, managed, and supported programs to bring about sustainable changes in the fields of education and employment through a secular and gender sensitive approach.

In the past 2 decades, OM Foundation School has provided its 500 students with free and high-quality education, primary healthcare, and nutrition. Apart from the regular secondary school, they have also instituted a special program for high-school dropouts to complete their education in a flexible manner— with around 150 enrolled beneficiaries as of today. On the employment front, starting in 2016, OM Foundation has instituted various short-term skilling programs to equip underprivileged youth with relevant skills to make them competent applicants in the labour force. They have skilled more than 500 youth.

You can learn more about them –

We can help you visit the school to witness first-hand the fantastic work that OM foundation is doing. Our society needs many more volunteers for a good cause like this.



We at SMFS believe very strongly in giving back to the society. So, this Diwali we ask you all, the SMFS family to give back to the society by donating a small amount to OM Foundation and lighting up the lives of these children! Click here – Donation – OM Foundation