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Retirement Planning

This is one goal that is common to all of us – Retirement.

This makes retirement planning extremely essential. All of us work hard to enjoy a good life and we need to make sure that we continue to enjoy our desired lifestyles well after we stop working.

With the advancement of medical science, our lifespan (and thus our retirement period) is increasing. However, retirement age continues to be the traditional – 60 years and all of us dream of an early retirement! This greatly increases the retirement corpus we require to continue enjoying life at our desired lifestyles and this makes retirement planning crucial.

Retirement Planning entails

  1. Calculating Retirement Expenses – Expenses like work clothes, professional development and commute are replaced with medical expenses or travel expenses (yes, more vacations!). One must figure out personal expenses as well as expenses of dependents. Adjusting for Inflation is essential as this is a very long-term goal and the retirement period is also very long.
  2. Calculating the Total Corpus Required
  3. Systematically Investing in the most suitable instruments to reach the desired corpus
  4. Making sure the portfolio is balanced periodically to stay in line with the goal
  5. Shifting Asset Allocation towards debt when one reaches closer to the goal
  6. Making sure the portfolio is reworked from a growth oriented portfolio one that provides regular income


Benefits of retirement planning

  1. Use the Magic of Compounding!

Compounding is a brilliant way to build wealth in the long term. No wonder Albert Einstein referred to compounding as the eighth wonder of the world. Proper Retirement planning will allow you to invest regularly and systematically to build a retirement corpus that uses the power of compounding. The sooner you start investing and the longer you stay invested, the larger your retirement corpus becomes with the magic of compounding.

  1. Safeguard selling of property and assets 

Without retirement planning, many families are forced to liquidate their assets to support their lifestyle during retirement. It is a painful event for many to sell their properties with ancestral memories.  With retirement planning, you can protect your property and other assets and pass your legacy forward to your children and grandchildren.

  1. Peaceful Retirement

Retirement Planning considerably reduces your stress during retirement but also in the years leading up to it. The lack of planning and uncertainty around the topic can create high levels of stress when one is approaching retirement. Thus, retirement planning is necessary to live a peaceful and happy life while being financially independent!

Towards a Secure Future is the SMFS motto for a reason. We believe retirement planning is possibly the most essential element of financial planning and we make sure that we secure the retirement of all our clients.

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